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Looking for medical training for emergency first aid treatment, see


20 responses to “First Aid Training Online”

  1. Sandwichplss Avatar

    Would you ever warm up someone who has hypothermia with your own body heat? If you were already out of harms way of course, or is this unnecessary?

  2. Stephen Monchak (IKSDoomsday) Avatar
    Stephen Monchak (IKSDoomsday)

    Very good video..perfect training guide.

  3. Abdulrazzaq Yongo Avatar
    Abdulrazzaq Yongo

    MaashaAllah nice video

  4. Sideeq Mohammad Avatar
    Sideeq Mohammad

    11:13– Shit, that kid is actually real! He was so still I thought he was a dummy!

  5. Belem Miranda Carter Avatar
    Belem Miranda Carter


  6. Nadeen Nelson Avatar
    Nadeen Nelson

    Excellent video!!!! I do have First Aid and CPR training which I hardly have reason to use so from time to time a video like this one is good to watch just to keep me abreast. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Shyera Hikari 8 Avatar
    Shyera Hikari 8

    man his teeth…

  8. Chloe Barker Avatar
    Chloe Barker

    life saver

  9. Leonardo Po Avatar
    Leonardo Po

    if only he could apply first aid on his teeth

  10. Raj Shangar Avatar
    Raj Shangar

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  11. Bethany Busby Avatar
    Bethany Busby

    hi Mr lotsos

  12. Ryden Swalwell Avatar
    Ryden Swalwell

    27:52, she bursts out laughing.

  13. Misbah Sakhawat Avatar
    Misbah Sakhawat


  14. Brian Hinton Avatar
    Brian Hinton

    Great class excellent presentation, no que cards, guy knows his stuff.
    thanks for training the troops!

  15. RidiculousComedy Avatar

    Nice video, ill sub but make sure you check out my channel as well…. Thank you

  16. Pink Sapphire Avatar
    Pink Sapphire

    "…you can even use items around the house like…phone books…" yeah, right.

  17. Mourad RASSA Avatar
    Mourad RASSA

    Thank you very Much Sir for this course…..

  18. MoneyMaker Fo Sho Avatar
    MoneyMaker Fo Sho

    Thank you for this very informative video. Good stuff :-)

  19. Sabah Alam Avatar
    Sabah Alam

    Why is everyone so hateful to his teeth?? Like leave the poor man alone…

  20. Mohamed Abdikadir Avatar
    Mohamed Abdikadir

    it's very good video
    Thank you for this course from you