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Training management providers for Australia and the Perth environment: AT&SI realises that our business is only as good as the people that represent us. The intrinsic qualities of The Australian Training & Safety Institute are inherent in the quality of its Staff.  From our reception desk, through to our training and consultancy staff, each individual has been personally selected for their abilities and desire to provide only quality training and consultancy services.

We have implemented staff development programs and business coaching and mentoring, and provide ongoing training in a wide range of areas to all staff to ensure that only the highest possible standards are maintained.

We recognize that is only through fully supporting corporate initiatives and investing in our greatest asset, our people, that we can deliver the highest quality of training services, to you, our valued clients. Apply now for one of our courses.

White Card Training & Vocational Training During Covid 19

Vocational training is training that prepares individuals to either work as a vocational technologist or to undertake employment in a specific skilled trade or profession as an artisan or professional. Vocational training can also be referred to as vocational and trade training. Vocational training is normally held by vocational or trade schools, and for the most part, has to be undertaken within the Australia. In Australia, the Australian State University of New South Wales offers a program known as the Industrial Research Training Program (IRTP) and other courses can be found in Queensland at AllStatesTraining.

Vocational training programs have been seen to have positive effects on the job market. The increasing demand for individuals with vocational education in fields such as nursing, pharmacy, health care management, architecture, engineering, building science, health services, computer science, and other areas has resulted in more jobs being created in these fields, thereby creating more job opportunities. The increased supply of workers has meant that salaries have been able to keep pace with the rising cost of living. Wages have also increased as the number of vocational-trained workers has increased. As a result of the increased demand for vocational training graduates, employers have been willing to pay high wages for individuals with these qualifications.

Individuals interested in pursuing vocational training or who already possess vocational training certificates in one or more of the listed professions can do so through the various vocational schools or diploma mills operating in the Australia. These schools offer courses that prepare students to be eligible for entry-level positions in these occupations, as well as advanced degrees and certificates that allow individuals to pursue careers related to their training. Candidates with relevant experience can be hired on after completion of the vocational training program. Individuals who are interested in pursuing higher education can take courses through technical or community colleges that provide vocational training programs. Individuals interested in pursuing advanced studies can also take classes through career colleges or universities.

The Australian Training and Safety Institute will continue to maintain its competitive advantage for the benefit of each individual client and the community as a whole..

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The Australian Training and Safety Institute is a non-profit registered training organisation dedicated to providing quality training and consultancy services for organisations and individuals wishing to learn about leadership and management.   AT&SI stands apart from its competition in the marketplace for a number of reasons.



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